Is It Legal For a Bail Bondsman to Arrest Someone?

A bail bondsman is someone who works for a bail bonds company. These businesses are responsible for paying the bail of people who get arrested and cannot afford to pay the money themselves.

When you are arrested and taken to court for the first time, your bail is set by the judge. If it is a minor offense, you may not have to pay any bail, or it may be a trivial sum such as $20 or $50.

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More serious crimes not only carry harsher punishments, but also result in bail being a lot higher. The judge may recommend that you have to pay $10,000 if you want to get out before your trial. That is where bailbonds Santa Barbara professionals come into the picture.

One of these bail bonds professionals, like Acme Bail Bonds Santa Barbara, will pay your bail, collect the money from you through installments, and guarantee you will be back in court. Now you must keep in mind that when a bondsman pays your bail, they are responsible for you getting to court for your trial.

If you attempt to flee and do not show up for one of your trial dates, it is not only the police who will be hunting you. The fact of the matter is that even the bail bondsman who helped you get out is going to be looking for you.

In most states within the United States, it is legal for a bail bondsman to go after someone who has skipped out on their trial. You will likely be found by this bail bondsman, and they will be legally permitted to arrest you so they can bring you back to court.

Do not make the mistake if thinking you can get away when you get out on bail. Your freedom is temporary, and only winning your case can set you free.