Hiring A Professional Extermination Service

Bugs and pests are going to be a part of our lives no matter what we do or where we go.  In fact, for every human on the planet there is an estimated five million bugs.  With such a large number of insects on the planet there is no wonder why we have to deal with them on a constant basis. 

For the majority of people out there using some type of preventative maintenance will do the trick.  In extreme situations however, it may be necessary to hire commercial tick control daphne companies to come in and take care of your infestation.

Cut your grass

commercial tick control daphne

The first thing that you can do is cut your grass.  When we have long thick grass ticks and other insects will use it as their home as well as protection from other predators.  When we cut the grass and keep our yards well maintained these insects will find other more suitable locations to make their home, leaving us in peace.

Remove standing water

Next you want to remove standing water.  When we have water in our area’s insects will use it as a place to get a drink as well as lay their eggs.  When we have standing water, it helps to breed these insects in mass numbers. 

Remove old and rotting wood

Old wood, rotting wood and even wood for your fireplace is a great breeding ground for insects.  Many insects will use the wood to live in, use as protection and much more.  If you have wood that is on soil or dirt you are creating a location where moisture can grow.  This is what bugs want.

Removing this wood or placing the wood on a wire rack or something that won’t attract moisture is a great way to deal with the problem.  When we remove the ability for wood to get wet, have standing water as well as keep our yards clean, we are making it very uninviting for ticks and other annoying insects to find a home.